Exhibitor List & Product List 2022

Booth: C21
Hong Kong

“Filter King Limited(Filter King) established in 2020, is a Hong Kong based company which invested over HKD15M to develop and manufacture nanofibers on a large scale using electrospinning technology. Filter King works with NAMI to develop the nanofibers technology and established a manufacturing facility in Kwai Chung.
Filter King aims to create best environmental friendly air filtration equipment and improve our living environment with nanofiber applications.”

Booth: E09
Hong Kong

Wholesale and retail Sunplan Camellia Oil thru supermarket, shopping mall, retail shops, wholesale network, and e-platform.

Booth: E17,E18
Hong Kong

“We are committed to perform the collection of the world’s delicate products with good taste.
Our Products are presenting the unique culture from different part of the world with consistency and quality.

We believe in healthy philosophy and respect the nature, making every effort to pursuit in a perfect nature( healthy base).
Our core commitment of our service, product quality and provide innovation to our clients.”

Booth: F26
Hong Kong

“Wholesome is a green household cleaning and personal care brand independently registered and rooted in Hong Kong.
Wholesome has been devoted to producing natural formulated cleaning and care products in order to provide safe and effective green products for every family and enterprise.
Aiming at providing cost effective products, Wholesome safeguards the wellbeing of every consumer with high-quality products.”

Booth: D04,D06
Hong Kong

At Amazing Earth we are proud to offer first-class foodstuff. We provide the finest available natural elements, right from the Earth, chemical-free, and quality-driven, and develop them into Healthy & Tasty ingredients that we all like, hoping that consumers might be Amazed by something new in the marketplace, ultimately getting their money’s worth.

Booth: C19
Hong Kong

Amazing Square Industrial Ltd is a manufacturer of high-quality plastic reusable drink ware with the facility based in China. With the GERMREPEL® bottle developed in collaboration with Nano and Advance Materials Institute (NAMI), Amazing Square has pioneered a breakthrough technology that elevates the standard of what’s truly safe bottle hygiene. This new GERMREPEL® bottle was awarded the prestigious Gold Medal at the 2021 International Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva.


This GERMREPEL® bottle is an industry first invention and has proven effective in repelling up to 99% of harmful bacteria, delivering a safe and clean drinking bottle around-the-clock.

Developed in Hong Kong with years of efforts, the GERMREPEL® bottle outperforms conventional antimicrobial solutions which rely on germ killing chemical and biocides. Instead of killing germs, it prevents the initial adhesion harmful bacteria to effectively minimize the risk of food poisoning from bacterial infection.

Booth: F05
Hong Kong

“AMMA means “Mother”, which is a sustainable label based and designed in Hong Kong. We make everyday essentials which are kind to people and to our mother earth.
Our products are made of GOTS certified organic materials which is a worldwide leading textile processing standard for organic fibres, including ecological and social criteria. The entire manufacturing process of AMMA ensures “No bleach, No dye, No toxins chemicals” are used from plant to production, protecting the health of our beloved ones and thus the environment for the future generation. “

Booth: C26
Hong Kong

“[Chenpi Family] Founded in 2014 and specializes in authentic Xinhui Chenpi

Use us to accumulate industry knowledge and experience

Bring high-quality and superior products to customers

With a considerate, professional and careful attitude, exceed the service expectations of customers.

Do your best to find better products for customers!”

Booth: C10, C22, D01,D09
Hong Kong

Chung Chi (Hong Kong) Trading Co. Limited was established in July 2017. The retail store name is ChungChi Zhenweifang. It mainly deals in raw materials for brewing beverages, including old tree mangosteen, golden burdock, cough-relieving Chuanbei mint cream, dandelion root, healthy mushrooms (Agaricus blazei, deer antler mushroom), etc., are sold in major shopping malls in Hong Kong.

Booth: F18, F20
Hong Kong

“Nowadays, more and more people are pursuing a healthy life. In view of this, we have established D‘Mirakel Development Ltd. to collect different kinds of goods. We hope that customers can purchase their favorite quality products through this platform.

Our company is committed to providing a variety of quality food ingredients, healthy food, organic food, daily necessities and skin care products, mainly without added preservatives and chemical ingredients, so that customers can eat and use with peace of mind.

The goods are mainly from Malaysia, and some of them are from other countries, and some of the goods are also have ISO, HACCP, HALAL… and other international certifications.”